5 Quick Self Care Tips

Self Care.

Taking care of oneself isn’t always the easiest thing. I am almost 30 years old and I’m continuing to find ways to not let my depression get the best of who I am. I still hit those bumps in the road from time to time and get so caught up with life and what is happening around me that I forget. I forget to check on myself to see how I am doing and if I am okay. And if I haven’t been doing well then I need to take myself away and get myself back into the right place, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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Chiba in North Hollywood

Sushi, I love eating sushi.

Well can I really say that I love eating sushi even though I don’t really eat a lot of raw fish? Maybe I am not a real sushi enthusiast but I do love going to sushi places and eating everything that comes with it. I have my usual go to spots because its super cheap and I like getting a bang for my buck, but on this occasional my boyfriend said why not treat ourselves a bit. So we did, and Chiba is where we headed off to.

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I Will No Longer…

I will no longer stay in a relationship whether it be platonic or romantic that will make me feel undeserving. When it comes to my friendships and I have my chosen few, they become more than just friends they turn to family. When you become family to me you  are a priority in my life and I will check on you and love you unconditionally. In my relationships, I give my heart fully and I become very loyal and attentive to the wants and needs of who I am dating. But I do not want to be taken for granted anymore and I do not want to feel that no matter how much I give and do with nothing asked for in return to be mistreated or feel that I still didn’t do enough. So I will no longer agree to take less than what I feel I deserve! I will also stop putting in the effort into someone who doesn’t reciprocate it back even in the slightest way. None of us deserve that and if we do have that we need to take that effort and put it into something that will benefit us in the future.

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2018 Lets Begin! ! !

We have officially finished the first week of 2018 and I can say that I am so happy that this week has gone by and there hasn’t been anything that has put me in any depression or giving me any anxiety.

The first week had started with me and my boyfriend feeling under the weather. And while starting the week sick, I had to get back to my job which isn’t exciting at all BUT being reunited with some people that I love definitely makes me feel better. I ended up calling out because I caught a fever and had to recover and care for me and my boyfriend health because we had an important event to go to that was planned since last November of 2017.

The weekend came and gone and I can say I miss it already. I spent the weekend getting my health and fitness motivation on at the LA Fit Expo which was held at the LA Convention Center. It was overwhelming and fun all around and I learned so much about health and lifestyle that I’m so excited to continue to take care of myself this year! I got to meet one of my favorite fitness trainer Massy Arias. I also got to meet my boyfriends favorite YouTube and fitness people as well Bart and Geo from Barbell Brigade. And if your wondering how it all went down, don’t trip I got you guys because there will be a vlog about it coming out this week.

A special treat from this past weekends event was that my uncle got my parents tickets to the Laker game and even gave them an extra two tickets for me and my boyfriend to join in. That had to be one of the best thing to happen at such a last minute notice.

I honestly hope that this new week can continue to bring me peace and enjoyment. Whether it’s something great as maybe another trip to a Laker game or even just waking up and feeling good about myself and that the day is going to be good. I’m ready for it

2018 let’s do this!

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Los Feliz – Home Restaurant


Before 2017 came to an end my boyfriend really wanted to take me to a restaurant that he thought I would really like. He had this place saved on his phone for a while and I was super excited to end the year at a place where we had both never been.

HOME. The restaurant is actually called Home and it looks and feels just like home when you walk up to the place! It’s located in Loz Feliz with the main cross streets being Franklin Ave & HillHurst Ave. The place itself looks like a home with outdoor patio seating and indoor seating as well. The menu is fairly simple with dishes that you can easily recognize, they had a whole back page dedicated to breakfast which I loved because it was brunch for us! One of my favorite things I found was that they have Vegetarian and Vegan options ( it earned points to me because my best friends are vegans)


Alec ordered the EGG & CHORIZO ($13) – potato, corn zucchini, caramelized onions, cilantro, quesco fresco, salsa verde , sour cream , poached egg and grilled chibatta. His choice of drink was a regular DRIP COFFEE ($3.50)

Being the basic person that I can be I ordered The All American ($12) – two eggs, three buttermilk pancakes, and bacon ( you can choose either bacon or sausage). My choice of drink for the meal was BELLINI HOMEMADE VODKA INFUSED PEACH SYRUP ($9)

The food was good and thewith suggestions about what to have for dessert! Overall this a new place I shall be putting on my list of going to and I also plan on checking out other items on the list as well as their dinner menu! So, if youtime this year drop by here and check it out for yourself!

HOME RESTAURANT1760 HillHurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Website – HomeRestaurant

Instagram – @homerestaurantla

•PHOTO CREDIT – AlecAcosta @lec_lec

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Drinking Pearls On Melrose

While shopping for shoes on Melrose and Fairfax we happened to stop by this place that my best friend would constantly tell me to go to and check out because my boyfriend was a huge boba drinker.

The place is called Pearl’s finest Teas. It sits right across the street from Fairfax high school. This place is in a smart spot sitting alongside clothing and shoe places and a high school right across from it which i’m sure it gets this place a booming business. The shop is really small and really cute with pink walls and palm tree outlines. The place seems to fit just about 10 people at most with a couple tables and chairs. They have the complete menu on one side of The wall so it’s easy to figure out what you would like.

We ordered three different drinks:

Orange Yuzu – unnatural hibiscus tea infused with citrus flavors, which create a sunset look to your drink.

L.A. Dirt – their house special multi layered with sea salt cream and talked with cookie crumble. My boyfriend Added Boba to his mix

Horchata Milk Tea – cinnamon flavored rice mix combined with organic milk and black tea. For this one we also added bobs at my best friends request.

I haven’t gone to many tea shops but this one is definitely a place that you should check out at least once. The drink was really good I had no complaints about it and neither did my boyfriend. If you want to read more reviews on the drink that we had another drink that they offer there check them on yelp.

Instagram – @pearlsfinestteas

Website – http://Www.pearlsfinestteas.com

Hours : Monday to Sunday – 11:00am to 9:00pm

Address: 523 NFairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90048


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Feeling My Own Self Power

Everyone goes through these moments where a song can come on and it immediately puts you in a good mood. A lot of songs can do that for us, but there are songs out that can give you the feeling of empowerment or even a little boost to get you through the day.

For me I have a growing playlist of songs that get me feeling good, but also giving me that extra bump of confidence to have what some may say as “feeling myself.” I started creating this playlist because the songs made me feel good and that’s what I want to feel, Good! I LOVE FEELING GOOD! Because when you feel good, you look good, and when you have it that energy and good vibes can be felt by the people that interact or see throughout your day and it can be quite amazing.

So here I go sharing with you my top 5 songs and they go in no particular order.

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Goodbye Summer

Goodbye summer, we are now entering fall and it is of course a good time to look back at how the summer went. Summer of 2017 was filled with 40 hours a week of work, saving money for every little thing I wanted to do, welcoming in the last year of my twenties and having the small pleasures of life fill me up.

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Music – One Direction New Album Revealed! !

Seriously this is the the news you’ve all been waiting for… ( and if you have friends like I do, they even called to wake me up and tell me the news..haha Thank you michelle!! )

One Direction have announced the details of their fifth coming album – and for many who believe it’s their last album before they go on an ‘extended break’ early next year.The album is called ‘Made in the A.M.’ and is out on November 13th. This will be the boy’s first album together as a handsome four man singing group since the departure of Zayn.

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