I need a good diffuser!

Homesick is currently one of my favorite brands when it comes to gifts for family and friends. This company creates candles and other products to bring a reminder of home or your favorite place you have been to before.

I love all the products that @homesick is coming out with. The candles are great and Just smells so good. But they have recently released a diffuser that I’ve been needing. My favorite thing about this is that it is also a humidifier and I truly will be needing this during the season.

@Homesick is currently having a sale so head over to the site, check them out & use code Binabently for a discount.

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First Captain Marvel trailer out, Marvel’s next big film!

Captain Marvel trailer Is out everyone! THERE IT IS EVERYONE RIGHT ABOVE! This is the first trailer for the next installment coming to the Marvel’s Movie Universe. The first look at Captain Marvel arrived this morning and they was played on Good Morning America. Which unfortunately I missed because I slept in. If you haven’t seen it check it out above.

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Chiba in North Hollywood

Sushi, I love eating sushi.

Well can I really say that I love eating sushi even though I don’t really eat a lot of raw fish? Maybe I am not a real sushi enthusiast but I do love going to sushi places and eating everything that comes with it. I have my usual go to spots because its super cheap and I like getting a bang for my buck, but on this occasional my boyfriend said why not treat ourselves a bit. So we did, and Chiba is where we headed off to.

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