Chiba in North Hollywood

Sushi, I love eating sushi.

Well can I really say that I love eating sushi even though I don’t really eat a lot of raw fish? Maybe I am not a real sushi enthusiast but I do love going to sushi places and eating everything that comes with it. I have my usual go to spots because its super cheap and I like getting a bang for my buck, but on this occasional my boyfriend said why not treat ourselves a bit. So we did, and Chiba is where we headed off to.

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Los Feliz – Home Restaurant


Before 2017 came to an end my boyfriend really wanted to take me to a restaurant that he thought I would really like. He had this place saved on his phone for a while and I was super excited to end the year at a place where we had both never been.

HOME. The restaurant is actually called Home and it looks and feels just like home when you walk up to the place! It’s located in Loz Feliz with the main cross streets being Franklin Ave & HillHurst Ave. The place itself looks like a home with outdoor patio seating and indoor seating as well. The menu is fairly simple with dishes that you can easily recognize, they had a whole back page dedicated to breakfast which I loved because it was brunch for us! One of my favorite things I found was that they have Vegetarian and Vegan options ( it earned points to me because my best friends are vegans)


Alec ordered the EGG & CHORIZO ($13) – potato, corn zucchini, caramelized onions, cilantro, quesco fresco, salsa verde , sour cream , poached egg and grilled chibatta. His choice of drink was a regular DRIP COFFEE ($3.50)

Being the basic person that I can be I ordered The All American ($12) – two eggs, three buttermilk pancakes, and bacon ( you can choose either bacon or sausage). My choice of drink for the meal was BELLINI HOMEMADE VODKA INFUSED PEACH SYRUP ($9)

The food was good and thewith suggestions about what to have for dessert! Overall this a new place I shall be putting on my list of going to and I also plan on checking out other items on the list as well as their dinner menu! So, if youtime this year drop by here and check it out for yourself!

HOME RESTAURANT1760 HillHurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Website – HomeRestaurant

Instagram – @homerestaurantla

•PHOTO CREDIT – AlecAcosta @lec_lec

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Drinking Pearls On Melrose

While shopping for shoes on Melrose and Fairfax we happened to stop by this place that my best friend would constantly tell me to go to and check out because my boyfriend was a huge boba drinker.

The place is called Pearl’s finest Teas. It sits right across the street from Fairfax high school. This place is in a smart spot sitting alongside clothing and shoe places and a high school right across from it which i’m sure it gets this place a booming business. The shop is really small and really cute with pink walls and palm tree outlines. The place seems to fit just about 10 people at most with a couple tables and chairs. They have the complete menu on one side of The wall so it’s easy to figure out what you would like.

We ordered three different drinks:

Orange Yuzu – unnatural hibiscus tea infused with citrus flavors, which create a sunset look to your drink.

L.A. Dirt – their house special multi layered with sea salt cream and talked with cookie crumble. My boyfriend Added Boba to his mix

Horchata Milk Tea – cinnamon flavored rice mix combined with organic milk and black tea. For this one we also added bobs at my best friends request.

I haven’t gone to many tea shops but this one is definitely a place that you should check out at least once. The drink was really good I had no complaints about it and neither did my boyfriend. If you want to read more reviews on the drink that we had another drink that they offer there check them on yelp.

Instagram – @pearlsfinestteas

Website –

Hours : Monday to Sunday – 11:00am to 9:00pm

Address: 523 NFairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90048


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Easy Brunch on a Hot Weekend

I love food! I have always enjoyed some good tasting meals whether it is breakfast that is being served or if its dinner being served I surely do enjoy every bit of it. I love going out to different places and trying what they have to offer and I have most recently been into having brunch, or well having lunch at any time of the day. Just yesterday I was able to catch up with my closest coworkers and decided to have brunch before they went to work and in the means of wanting to save money we just decided to get food together and cook it at my place!

With not much time on our hands we had to make ourselves the best brunch with just about $15.00 in our hands and less than 2 ½ hours to spare. We met up at around 10:30 got in and out of the store by 10:50 and being back at my place around 11:15. With a short break among us it was the perfect time to think of what we can muster up that was delicious in a short matter of time. Our result well check out the picture below!

Nice shot isn’t it!! We made French toast with just bread, egg and powdered sugar, scrambled eggs, a side of fruits that included strawberries, blueberries, bananas and raspberries. With not enough time we just popped in some Leggo my Eggo chocolate chip waffles, and even though it isn’t pictured we had bacon and boy we girls do love our bacon! For drinks we had water, orange juice and milk in lovely little mason jars that I got to collect over time. The entire meal was made in 30 mins with much time to spare to talk about what we have been up to outside of work, where our other friend was and how we missed her, what I wanted to do for my birthday.

I think creating your own meals with the people you love taste so much better than going out and buying meals with friends. It’s a little more meaningful, and more personal memories are created to enjoy. SOOOOOOo if you have the time with the ones you care about, definitely make the time!

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