2018 Lets Begin! ! !

We have officially finished the first week of 2018 and I can say that I am so happy that this week has gone by and there hasn’t been anything that has put me in any depression or giving me any anxiety.

The first week had started with me and my boyfriend feeling under the weather. And while starting the week sick, I had to get back to my job which isn’t exciting at all BUT being reunited with some people that I love definitely makes me feel better. I ended up calling out because I caught a fever and had to recover and care for me and my boyfriend health because we had an important event to go to that was planned since last November of 2017.

The weekend came and gone and I can say I miss it already. I spent the weekend getting my health and fitness motivation on at the LA Fit Expo which was held at the LA Convention Center. It was overwhelming and fun all around and I learned so much about health and lifestyle that I’m so excited to continue to take care of myself this year! I got to meet one of my favorite fitness trainer Massy Arias. I also got to meet my boyfriends favorite YouTube and fitness people as well Bart and Geo from Barbell Brigade. And if your wondering how it all went down, don’t trip I got you guys because there will be a vlog about it coming out this week.

A special treat from this past weekends event was that my uncle got my parents tickets to the Laker game and even gave them an extra two tickets for me and my boyfriend to join in. That had to be one of the best thing to happen at such a last minute notice.

I honestly hope that this new week can continue to bring me peace and enjoyment. Whether it’s something great as maybe another trip to a Laker game or even just waking up and feeling good about myself and that the day is going to be good. I’m ready for it

2018 let’s do this!

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