16 Shots Choreography by Jakerris Williams

Lets start this monday with some female empowerment!

Photo taken from Jakerris Williams IG

One of my favorite choreographers and dancers Jakerris Williams has created something special. From seeing the teaser to the final release of the video I wanted to share this piece with you all.

He created the piece to singer Stefflon Don`s 16 Shots, with 21 beautiful women.

The outfits, hair and clean concept brought the video to life in my liking. But I needed to know more for myself.

How did this come along?

Jakerris Williams: I like my artistic process to be organic. I usually let the ideas flow to me when a song plays. I actually planned to shoot the video back in November but with the number of girls I really had to thoroughly plan.

How did the costuming come together?

JW: When coming up with costuming I really wanted something fun and memorable. Everyone wears denim, so the idea of using jackets, toy guns and gloves as props was my way of taking it up a notch. The hair was a fun idea concocted by a few of the girls and myself. We were originally gonna go with bantu knots for all the girls but apparently that’s a popular hairstyle currently lol. We worked on the box braids for about 3 days I purchased all of the weave and dove in.

How long were the rehearsals?

JW: The girls rehearsed for 2 hours x 4days. They each worked so hard and I’m very happy with the outcome.

If you enjoyed this and would like to see more check him out on Youtube

Youtube :: Jakerris Williams Youtube


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  1. Fiirrrree! These ladies are killing it. Coordinating a large group of women is hard (I was in a sorority) but when we all get together it’s magic.

  2. This is great! Love the styling as well as the choreography! What a talent to organize something so wonderful!

  3. Love this! What a great video, the energy and color is off the charts!

    xo Sheree